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Permanent residence procedures

por Edvaldo Evangelista Lopes publicado 23/11/2016 17h08, última modificação 23/11/2016 17h08

1 - According to Ordinance number 04/2015 –MJ (Ministry of Justice), from January 8, 2015, new procedures apply in the processes of permanent residence on the grounds of:


-       family reunification, dependent minor children, marriage and civil partners (opposite or same sex);

-       change of status from temporary to permanent resident as a religious minister or member of an institution of consecrated life and of religious congregation or order;

-        change of status from temporary to permanent as set forth in the Agreement on Residence for Nationals of the States Parties of MERCOSUR and Associated States (Decree n. 6975, from October 7, 2009).


2 – While in Brazil, applicants for a permanent residence permit based on such grounds should comply with the following requirements: file form 154, available at https://servicos.dpf.gov.br/sincreWeb/; consent to the collection of biometric (fingerprints) and biographic data and provide the fees payment receipt and other required documents listed in the Annex to the Ordinance number 04/2015 - MJ;


3 – If you want to schedule your appointment to visit the Federal Police and submit your documents and biometric/biographic data, or if want to print your form 154 and your fees payment form, please click here.


4 - After the necessary forms and documents have been collected and approved, the applicant will be registered in the Aliens’ National Database System- SINCRE (Sistema Nacional de Cadastro e Registro de Estrangeiros) and the process will be sent to the Aliens Registration Office – Federal Police Department (Divisão de Cadastro e Registro de Estrangeiros – Departamento de Polícia Federal), for the issuance of the Alien’s Identity Card (CIE -Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro);


5 – If the application does not comply with the requirements referred to in the Ordinance, the applicant will be notified and given the opportunity to amend or complete the documentation within 10 days.


6 - Where it is not possible to evaluate the documents in the first visit, the Federal Police will notify the applicant in up to 30 days to amend or complete the process within 10 days of receipt of notification.


7 - If the documents submitted meet the requirements listed in the Annex to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice, the Federal Police will register the alien and send the process to the Aliens’ Registration Office for the issuance of the Alien’s Identity Card;


8 - If the applicant does not answer to a notification or the documents submitted do not meet the requirements listed in the Annex to the Ordinance, the Federal Police will send the process to the Aliens Department of the Ministry of Justice (Departamento de Estrangeiros do Ministério da Justiça) for decision.


9 - The applicant must return to the Federal Police within 60 (sixty) days to receive the identity card or information on the application process, in case he was not required to attend in a shorter period.


10 - Notifications will be made by letter with return receipt, electronically or by any other method permitted by law, pursuant to Article 8 of Decree 6932/2009.


Information on fee exemptions for citizens of Portuguese-Speaking Countries:

            Decree 6771 of February 16, 2009, provides that citizens of member countries of the CPLP - Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and East Timor) are exempt from payment of fees and charges due on the issuance and renewal of residence permits, except for document issuance costs. This means that there is no need for paying fees of requests for extension of stay, residence or alien registration, but only fees for the issuance of the Aliens Identity Card, where applicable.